Welcome to Project Cartographer AKA H2V:Online

Welcome to the very first post of the Project Cartographer development site, I’ll be documenting progress and releasing builds here for Project Cartographer.

To explain what Project Cartographer is…

It’s a mod which introduces an alternative to a now unsupported Xbox Live for halo 2 vista, what it allows players to do is simply connect to each other over the LAN menus without the use of any Tunnels such as (Tungle, Hamachi, Evolve, etc).

The halo 2 vista servers went down as of last year and so far there’s been no news of their return ( Halo Way Point Posts Regarding Downtime ) so this project aims to still aide those who want to play online in doing so.

So far the progress is pretty steady with the project and it’s functioning in what we’ll call a beta capacity, a few things that need to be done before a official public release that can happen are as follows.

  • The game needs a launcher which can update, install, remove, and replace the DLL required for the modification as well as adjust a configuration file read by the DLL.
  • The DLL needs to authenticate the user with some sort of back-end so that we’re able to assign users static data rather then generating new data upon each connection.
  • The server and Client(DLL) need to be modified to handle disconnections via some form of heart beat in order to prevent a lot of different bugs from occurring.
  • General stability improvements are needed with the way connections are currently handled to the server.

My goal with creating this blog and this separate website is to remove the nastiness from the Halo 2 community that currently exists with people or otherwise…

I put this project on hiatus because I felt as if there was no point in continuing the development for various reasons ( lack of interest from the community, lack of interest from other developers, and over all dis-regard to the project as if it shouldn’t be done ).

At this point I’ve chosen to ignore all of that and move forward at least offering the most minimal experience possible and what I feel people are interested in to begin with ( Bringing back H2V multiplayer as it was ).

While I can’t bring it back exactly as it was ( The original server browser had latency tracking, filtering, among other things and XLive offered the ability to join games through friends, at one point there was voice chat, the list goes on ), I can sure as hell try in the future as long as the interest is there but for now what you’ll get is in it’s simplest form a hassle free way to play fun matches with friends with no addons gimmicks, tunnels, external software, or bullshit.

I do want to introduce some fun new features such as an automated zombies system, gungame(Arms race), and a few other game modes and possibly expand the ability to manipulate the game engine to everyone else through plugins or scripting, but in the mean time I think what should be done is going back to focusing on the core of things as they are.

Which means improving the stability of what exists and making sure it works 110% and offers the best experience possible, while I’ll be quite limited for time in these recent months, weeks, days I hope to get you all a little something to enjoy really soon here and I’ve also reached out to FishPhD to request that he make a launcher for the project in order to fill in some missing stuff we have now.


34 thoughts on “Welcome to Project Cartographer AKA H2V:Online”

  1. Thanks for all the effort in bringing halo 2 back online. It works great.. Now if we could get a bigger population to come back to it. I think that halo 3 port stole some of your thunder 🙁

      1. Baahhahaahha I would actually love the hell out of this.Or, if they just had a portion of the level where the level just stops, and it looks like you’re running through a loading screen.

  2. First, thanks for bringing back Halo 2.

    When will you post info about how to create a dedicated server?

    1. We will in the future, currently it’s a bit difficult and requires some trickery that’s why there will be an new server list system being created/developed.

  3. Can anyone provide links to all the correct versions of working source?
    – cartographer_master (as provided on these pages)
    – minhook_master (took a guess)

    Pulled down the cartographer_master zip, minook zip, did a build.
    Resulting xlive.dll did not work.

    1. Really delayed response here didn’t realize this didn’t shoot me emails about comments…
      What do you mean by “resulting xlive.dll did not work”

      1. Thanks for finally responding.

        Talk about delayed response! I am just now seeing this. I actually forget what problem I WAS having at that time.

        I recently downloaded a new set of source and was working through missing lib files tsclient, tsserver, and libMinHook.

        I am stalled on libMinHook.

        If you have a link that has all source and libs needed in one directory (or two or three zips that have it all). That would be great. All I want is a clean compile.

        Thanks much!

        1. I should also mention the biggest problem is that I am not familiar with PC IDE configuration at all. I’m a UNIX/LINUX guy.

          If I get one clean build, I should be on my way.

          1. If you download the latest source from the git, in the accounts branch and compile via Visual Studio 2015 you should be fine and not missing any libs.

  4. Hello, Thanks for this, it’s awesome!!! Is there a way to play without an internet connection? And most importantly, how about playing on an actual LAN network.. I was trying to play LAN with some friends in the same room through PJ cartographer and we kept having lag issues, some of us couldn’t even join the same games. We tried simply connecting to the same router to play LAN between ourselves and it’s not possible with the current PJ cartographer build. Will offline and LAN gaming options be worked on/ available in future builds of PJ cartographer? Now if the game menu could be modded to get rid of the LIVE option and just have “Online” and “Network” options, with the capability to play offline LAN sessions, it would be perfect.

    1. Our goal is to simply have Online options with Project C the original game supported LAN just fine on it’s own and still works even with the original servers being down.

      There’s absolutely no reason for us to support LAN, as far as supporting multiple PCs on the same network we’re aware of some problems there and the newer builds should resolve that ultimately.

  5. Muchas gracias por traer de regreso al mejor Halo de todos , todo funciona perfecto sin lag , de mi parte si el juego mas adelante se volviera de pago , estaria dispuesto a pagar por jugar , porque es un muy buen trabajo lo que están haciendo para traer de vuelta el juego . Gracias bro

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