Progress Update – Accounts Required in v0.2.1

While I hate to make things more difficult (as in this system just being a one click solution) for people come v0.2.1 (On the road to v0.3) we will start requiring people to make accounts in order to play with us.

That means you’ll need to register on a website and then login via the launcher.

This is being done for a few different reasons one of which is in order for us to do ranking/stats in the future we’ll need a way to uniquely track users other then just by their name in the game (since this can be spoofed it’s not a reliable method of doing so).

I’m putting this announcement out so that people are aware of it and ready for it when it comes.

With that being covered lets get into the progress of the project so far…

  • Voice Chat

We’re gearing up for a release of a alpha version of this in the next release (v0.2.1) and it’s good, Thanks Rude Yoshi for all the work you’ve contributed so far.


  • Banning / Kicking functionality

From what I’ve been told by Rude Yoshi it will function only during the Lobby currently and requires you to enter the appropriate player index but this will be included in v0.2.1, Thanks again Rude Yoshi.

  • Latency displays

Latency still won’t be displayed yet and there won’t be any latency restrictions in this build sorry guys.

  • Map Downloading

Don’t expect this in the up coming release but we’ve made some major progress on it, Thanks Killer Chief for putting the time into testing out and writing the code behind the proof of concept.

  • Improved network code

Yes there is improved network code coming in this build and it should fix a lot of different problems including a bit of the join lag,

  • Improved Server list

The aim is to have this in the v0.2.1 release, there’s been some recent changes to the way it works now in order to reduce bandwidth we used a total of 2TB on our last master server in under a month.

  • Anti-cheat

In regards to anti-cheat some things have been done and we’ll slowly begin seeing people drop off who are cheating, the anti-cheat changes will not be pushed to the source for ‘security’ reasons but I can assure you we’re actively targeting anyone who’s cheating in games where it’s not permitted and monitoring the activity of these people.

Any cheating will result in a ban from the entire project meaning you will not be able to join ANY games not just the server you were cheating on.

With that being said to prepare for the up coming update feel free to go over to and make an account in advance.

17 thoughts on “Progress Update – Accounts Required in v0.2.1”

  1. HELP PLEASE i cant register on forums my email and i thought my username would be DXDoug but i donnu it isnt working . Can any one please help me ! Email me please i am wanting to start my own server and restart Red VS Blue Wars that i created in 2004 for xbox version of Halo 2 . Please help me

    1. There’s progress slowly being made there’s two of us working full-time and trying to catch up with this in our free time… we’ll be pushing an updated DLL pretty soon here and there have been some beta releases of voice chat and such in the recent time here.

  2. Is down? I need to make an account. Basically, I had it all installed and working, playing online like a boss, then, stuff happened with other unrelated programs and settings, so I had to do a system restore, which I’m sure messed with the configuration to play The Game (which you just lost) successfully. The restore helped with the unrelated problems I had, but it seemed to have did away with my registration settings, and I can’t get up to make an account. I can see the network games, but can’t join.

  3. so is there a ranking system yet that i can look up? is there a way i can see my profile stats as it says thats the reason for our account creation on site?

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