PROJECT UPDATE – Map Downloading

  • Thanks to Rude Yoshi we now have custom map downloading! Thank you to all the testers in the dev_preview that helped.
  • Now this still is a preview update, so there may be issues. Please be patient until we work out all the kinks.
  • Some key things to note in this new update: – In order to host a game for map downloading you need to enable the feature using the launcher and forward from your base port + 9 TCP/UDP.  By default it’ll be 1000 – 1009 TCP/UDP.
  • Launcher has new settings in the Launcher tab:
    • You can now change your game ports directly in the launcher –
    •  The FPS Limiter has received a major needed update! – Now it can be enabled, disabled, and customized to your heart’s content. – Just be warned if disabled a 3rd party fps limiter is a must!
    • Voice is currently disabled right now, but will be enabled in the future
    • Map Downloading is our new feature, please test it out. Xlive.dll – This update is just a preview for the upcoming update. – Right now feel free to test custom map download for us and report any bugs you may find. On the forum or Discord server. See links above
    • NOTE do not use debug mode setting when using map downloading or you will experience MASSIVE FPS drops. Anyways I hope you all are as hyped as we are! If you experience any update issues use this direct link for the launcher

18 thoughts on “PROJECT UPDATE – Map Downloading”

  1. Excellent, I had no problem updating, thanks for your handwork, if I was to make any suggestion though, I would say the launcher should have a link to copy and paste that will take you to the essential map pack page, I been on here since February 2017 and didn’t notice that there was even a map pack until now(just so happened to possess time and curiosity the other day). maybe a redirect, or just the simple link with the words “map pack download here” in big letters.

    1. Hi. I have Halo 2 for pc but when i try to copy the launcher to my Halo 2 file it wont let me open halo 2! Can anyone help me

  2. my old launcher wont update, the new one you linked here isn’t available for download. any ideas? i want to play classic halo!

  3. thanks tweek. this launcher still wont update for some reason. my firewall is allowing the launcher to access the net but i cant get the new update. when i boot halo i still connect to the master server but im still on a 2016 build, which means i cant join any of you dudes. ill keep cracking away till i figure it out. thanks

    1. You could try this.I think it’s pretty good.(

  4. I have had a few problems my self, force updating has worked for me, I dont understand why this has happened all of a sudden, the first time I got an error, the window closed out before I could read what the error was, then the cartographer launcher was gone, and I mean quite literally missing, the files were there, but the launcher was gone, not even in the recycling bin. since re-installation, I’ve had to force update to get the current update, the option to use the X-delay is no longer there now also. and I cant adjust the FOV through the launcher anymore. im running windows 7 by the way. but besides that, multiplayer has been working just fine for me.

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