Installer for Halo 2 and Project Cartographer

We have released a installer for Halo 2 base game, Project Cartographer and all required dependencies.
Download here

This download should be everything you need to install Halo 2 and play online. It installs the base game, launcher, Visual C++ 2005, .NET 4.5.2 and Directx 9.  Installer source can be found here.

Its 3.2 gigabytes in size, it contains a fully updated base game with all the campaign maps.

If you already have the game installed and you want Project Cartographer, all you need to do is download and run the launcher. You may also need to install .NET 4.5.2 if you have issues.

Comment here or in the Discord help channel if there are any issues


Installer has been updated (1.2) with fixes and now includes some custom maps.

12 thoughts on “Installer for Halo 2 and Project Cartographer”

      1. How do you get multiplayer coop to work? I tried connecting with my friend on single player shared online under network, and whenever we can join, it just shows the level rotating around with no characters or mobs in site, or is coop online not fully supported yet?

  1. Pretty excited to find this… I was huge into the Halo 2 community on Xbox. Particularly the Machinima crowd. I spent so much time on HiH it’s insane. Downloading now!

  2. I’m having trouble. I just downloaded and installed the game but it keep shutting down before the first cutscene of the campain ends. Did I forget to do something?

    1. Just tried the servers and multiplayer works. Weird thing is I can’t change my strafing left key to “A” on my keyboard for some reason…

      1. The campaign problem is a known issue. You need to play campaign without cartographer until we release an update. Try running the game as admin for keybind issues

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