Project Cartographer v0.4.0.0

Build Time Jan 7th, 2018

– No more Launcher!

– Added a completely new game account system (requires you to create a new account via the in-game menus).

– Added custom menus and a new Guide button (contains options to change config settings in-game).

– Added custom languages and language switching.

– Added auto updater functionality to the game.

– Added Play Offline option.

– Now using new configuration files. xlive.ini and h2startup.ini are now trash. %LocalAppData%/Microsoft/Halo 2/ are where the new config files are located by default and is named halo2config#.ini or h2serverconfig#.ini.

– Default ports are now 2000 – 2009 UDP + TCP (we no longer use ports less than 1024 to fix issues with peoples connections so please refrain from setting this back to base_port = 1000)

– Custom Guide Menu:

– Advanced Settings: >>Customise HUD/GUI: > Field of View > Crosshair Offset > Toggle Ingame Chat Visibility > Toggle HUD Visibility > Toggle First Person Model Visibility >> Other Settings: > FPS Limit > Toggle Discord Rich Presence Integration > Toggle Non-Host lobby xDelay > Toggle Game Intro Video Visibility > Toggle Whether Keyboard Controls work in-game (for advanced usage of game in the background) > Toggle Raw Mouse Input > Toggle Auto Eject When Vehicles Flip Over (Host Activated) >> Toggle All Game Skulls – Credits – Update Game

20 thoughts on “Project Cartographer v0.4.0.0”

      1. Ok, it works fine now. Have to run it in Windows Vista Compatability Mode. I am running Windows 10. I guess it didn’t like that. Never had the problem prior to this update.

        I re-downloaded cartographer update immediately prior to posting my original comment.

  1. Desde su ultima actualización, los servidores están casi vacíos, ya casi no entra nadie a jugar, y ademas han quitado servidores en los que estaban el modo zombies , el cual era uno de los mas jugados, realmente es una pena.

  2. Hi, I am having trouble connecting to the network, it says my account information is incorrect or my firewall is blocking the program, but I checked to see if my firewall is allowed and I don’t have any opportunities to input any account info ingame, it was working just a day or two ago. Did I miss an update, do they need to be done manually?

  3. Do I have to make an account again?
    what happen to my previous account?
    Do I need to recover the account?
    If so why is my email invalid every time I tried to recover.

    1. I just created a new account with my old email and it worked
      Pretty much cuz the accounts database has been reset with the new update
      so no worries just go ahead and create a new account with your old email

  4. Hi I am trying to get in a game but its telling me no games available? Is no one playing this game right now?

  5. Can the game be tweaked a bit to fix a bug with the energy sword? I can swing it at double the rate it should be attacking and I can attack before the draw animation is complete, which results in a lot of one sided close quarters fights.

  6. Sword an shoting lo quitaron. Por que ? Ya bo es lo mismo hera mosuna. Comunidad grandre la q jugabanos esas partidas la pueden colocar de nuevo? Pleace

  7. Error in the servers I do not have access to any game of both online and campaign I teach a quick solution thanks I hope your answer

  8. Error in the servers I do not have access to any game of both online and campaign I teach a quick solution thanks I hope your answer proyecto cartografo

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