Full game installer (latest update: 1.2)

Launcher (if you already have the game installed)

Old install guide:

Halo 2 Project Cartographer is now available for download:

Full Halo 2 install instructions

Quick instructions:

-Install Halo 2, don’t activate. Disregard all compatibility prompts.

-Create a user account here, make sure you use a valid email.

-Grab the launcher from here (click download on the page), place it in your Halo 2 directory, then run as admin. The launcher will auto-update itself so no need to redownload. Login with the account you have just created.

-If you have issues, please consult the #help channel in our Discord server

-If you get game version issues, here is the latest update for the base Halo 2 files

-Hacking will not be tolerated unless specifically allowed in game / server. Currently, no hacking is allowed in any public servers. Hackers will be banned immediately.